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Pininfarina SPACE




Pininfarina SPACE is an innovative design Stilo dedicated to those who are always ready to explore the horizons of a world without borders.

This aerodynamic stylus is forged in magnesium, an ultra-light and unique material that offers high mechanical performance.

SPACE has also been studied as a writing instrument suitable for microgravity environments, such as the I.S.S.

The Ethergraf®, of which the tip is made, proved to be an excellent material for writing in these physical conditions.
Pininfarina SPACE was in fact donated to the astronauts, as a personal instrument of writing, during the last space expedition V.I.T.A., a mission that also saw the participation of the Italian Paolo Nespoli.
The operation was possible thanks to a close collaboration with Altec (Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company).

Made of magnesium with high mechanical strength and low weight

Equipped with two side clips in brushed steel

Complete with an ellipsoid aluminum desk base

Ethergraf® tip

Length 16,1cm
Width 1,2 cm
Weight 15gr